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Google My Business (or GMB for short) is a free listing tool that allows your business to appear on Google Maps. Our Local SEO services focus on ranking your Google My Business profile in the Google Local 3-Pack or Google Map results.

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Google Maps 3-Pack

Target Google Maps Local 3-Pack SEO Results

Local search is the search engine results based on the visitor’s location. Google ultimately cares about Google. This means they are constantly measuring the performance of their listings. For you (the business owner) this can be good or bad. It’s vital that you offer a quality service with great products at great prices. But it’s also important that your listing tells the Google algorithm that you provide the best service and best product and a great customer experience. Google is measuring the customer experience constantly and they’ve set up a system that rewards hard work and weeds out the lazy.

Local SEO Consulting Services

We have a proven Local SEO structured strategy for ranking your business in the Google Local 3-Pack for opportunities in your local market. The Google Local 3-Pack is displayed prominently at or near the top of the search results page, and contains the top 3 search results for a product or service in the visitor’s geographic area, if a specific location is not used as a search term. The visitor can see the name, address, map location, phone number, open or closed status (and closing time, if applicable), number of reviews and overall rating for each of the 3 businesses listed in the Google Local 3-Pack.

Google Local 3-Pack Results Example
Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours

Adding a Google Street View 360 to your Google My Business listing increases engagement, conversions, and local SEO. It also adds creditability to your Google My Business listing. You will rank higher than your competitor, because you have the credibility.

Multiple Location GMB Optimization

We can setup multiple locations on your GMB profile and optimize based on the target area. Locations must be a precise, accurate address—P.O. boxes or mailboxes located at remote locations are not acceptable.

The following businesses are not eligible for a business listing:

  • Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
  • An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don’t own or have the authority to represent.
  • Lead generation agents or companies.
Virtual Offices