CupixWorks 3D Digital Twin Capture Services


Lane Dash Media Group is a CupixWorks Service Partner. We provide complete, safe, and cost effective 3D digital twin capture field services using CupixWorks equipment and software technology. CupixWorks provides qualitative and quantitative asset condition information in a secure web portal with secure access for personnel or subcontrators to collaborate and stay informed about construction management decisions.

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Industry’s Most Advanced 3D Digital Twin Platform

Quickly capture your site in a 3D digital twin. Manage remotely via 3D spatial contexts with life-like 3D navigation that feels like you’re on-site. Take yourself to levels, areas, and rooms using the same context in your architectural design.

CupixWorks enables every stage in the Built-World Lifecycle

Leverage 3D Virtual Reality Capture Data

Import any form of point cloud data into our unified 3D digital twin platform—including terrestrial and hand-held LiDAR scanners, drone photogrammetry, robots, and custom-built reality capture systems. Built-in integration with BIM360, ProCore, and PlanGrid. API-based integration with existing project management systems.

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Cupix 3D Virtual Reality Capture